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1. The “scientific news Collection” founded by Azerbaijan University of Technology was registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on November 04, 2015. The journal publishes articles on food and light industries that have not been published anywhere until now.
2. Articles can be written in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.
3. The volume of articles should be 3-10 pages in Times New Roman - 12 font (for example, Latin alphabet in Azerbaijani, Cyrillic alphabet in Russian, English alphabet in English) with 1 interval.
4. The article shall indicate the address(s)of the Enterprise(s) where the author (s) works and the address(s)of that Enterprise(s), the email address(s)of the author (s).
5. At the end of a scientific article, in accordance with the field of Science and the nature of the article, the scientific conclusion reached by the author(s), the scientific novelty of the work, its applied significance, economic benefits, etc.are determined. it must be given clearly.
6. There should be references to scientific sources on the topic of the article. The list of literature given at the end of the article is either in the order in which the cited literature is found in the text (for example, [1] or [1, p.Be denoted as [119]) or numbered in alphabetical order. If the same literature is re-referenced elsewhere in the text, then that literature referred to must be indicated by the previous number. Information about each reference given in the literature list must be complete and accurate. The bibliographic description of the cited source is based on its type (monograph, textbook, scientific article, etc.).) should be given depending. When referring to scientific articles, materials or theses of symposia, conferences and other prestigious scientific events, the title of the article, report or thesis should be indicated. When giving a bibliographic description of the reference source, the requirements of Section 10.2-10.4.6 of the “used literature” of the instructions of the Higher Attestation Commission under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “rules for the compilation of dissertations” should be taken as a basis.
7. In the list of literature at the end of the article, preference should be given to scientific articles, monographs and other reliable sources of the last 5-10 years.
8. In addition to the language in which it was published, a summary of the article should be given in two other languages. Summaries of the article in different languages should be identical to each other and correspond to the content of the article. The article contains the scientific conclusion from which the author or authors came, the scientific novelty of the work, its applied significance, etc. in the summary, yigcam should be reflected in the picture. Summaries should be strictly edited from a scientific and gramatic point of view. Each summary should indicate the title of the article, the full name of the author or authors.
9. Each article should contain uot indexes or PACS-Type Codes and keywords. Keywords should be given in three languages (the languages in which the article and summaries are written). In connection with the publication of the article, the editorial office of the periodical scientific publication should prepare a questionnaire reflecting the consent of the author or authors, the fact that the sent article was not previously published (except for the version of the article published in the form of a thesis), that the version of the article in any language was not The author(s) must sign this questionnaire and send it to the editorial office or go to the website of the periodical scientific publication and fill out the electronic version of the questionnaire and electronically confirm it(s).

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